How to Get Over Indecision

When I was still working my magazine job, I was afraid to take the risk of quitting to pursue my interest in farming because I thought…

What if I can’t make enough money?
What if I change my mind?
What if it turns out I don’t like it?

And those doubts kept me in my cubicle longer than I might have liked.

Eventually, my curiosity and that nagging inner voice became louder than the doubt, I ended up leaving that job to take my yearlong road trip with @wwoofusa, and, well, you guys know how the story ends. (It ends here, in a greenhouse, satisfied.)

And as I was pinching strawflower seeds this week, I got to thinking about how farmers experiment with new varieties every year. They’re not sure which will work out or which the customers will like, but if they never try, they miss the opportunity to find crops that could end up being an important part of their farm for years.

This relates to my business, too, when I’m afraid to try a new strategy or hit “publish” on a post.

What if I’m wrong?
What if this doesn’t resonate with people?
What if I change my mind, learn something new, or this becomes irrelevant at some point?
What if I try it and later decide I don’t want to keep it up?

And I can say with 100% certainty now that it’s worth doing anyway.

Experiment with your life, with your business, with your content.

You always have permission to change your mind or be a different person later.

You are always allowed to try something that doesn’t stick.

No one is watching for your mistakes but you.

Happy Sunday 💛

Emerging from Hibernation

Hey! Hi. It’s been a quiet winter. Life has been small, lived mostly in the 2 mile radius around our new house. The dog and I check the breeze daily for signs of spring. On the updrafts lately I feel a warmth that says soon enough.

We have been chipping away on painting the interior (living room is done!!). I’ve been reading a lot of books and working on marketing projects for farmers and small business friends. I haven’t made much jewelry. I have been sleeping late and cooking lots and that has been enough. I tend towards overproduction. It feels good to move slow and let that be just right.

Even though I’m not quite ready for the busy season, I am eager eager eager for the flowers. Not long now!!

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