How to Get a Dream Off the Ground

I’ve been thinking about the sorry fact that some folks never get their dreams off the ground because they can’t get past the initial stage where everything feels terrible and hard.

Growing into who you’re intended to be doesn’t feel good all the time!

I’ve found it best to do the thing I want to—the thing that I know will expand me—even if I feel like I can’t or I don’t know what I’m doing or someone else would do it better.

Those feelings aren’t truths, they’re just uncomfortable stories. I can do the thing even with the chattering in my ear that says I can’t.

So I do. And anyone can, too. Just keep going. Do the thing alongside your doubt. Act alongside your fear.

You can, you can.


“They lied when they said work is bad or being humbled is bad or not knowing things is bad. It’s all a part of the hewing of a human.

Carry yourself with confidence, not because you have all the answers, but because you have come to know that you have whatever it takes to get through.

You only get that from being cracked open and realizing you’re still motoring. You get that through doing.”

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