Deadheading the young cosmos makes for a better harvest later (cutting back encourages more vigorous branching and growth), so I went down the row snipping away. Off with their heads!

The Gratitude Necklace

When Mark and I first met, we knew the relationship could only be as good as the gratitude we shared with each other. For an early gift, I had “Thank you” stamped on brass tags for our key rings, a constant reminder to be grateful and to say so whenever possible.

Now I carry that prayer close to my heart. My hope is that when you string on the Gratitude necklace, you’re also reminded of everything you have to be thankful for, even and especially when things are difficult.

These 1” brass tags are friendly talismans, the perfect weight, lovely to thumb and turn over in your hand. All elements (except for the delicate chain itself) are hand-formed and soldered.

Available on request.

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