An Introduction

I thought a re-introduction might be in order. So here’s a little about me in this moment…

I’m Zoe. Two days a week I’m part of the flower crew @pasturesongfarm.
Three days a week I work remotely as the lead on communications for @regenerativeorganic.
Nights and weekends I do photography & branding for local farms and businesses where I live in eastern Pennsylvania.
I took a metalsmithing class in January and really loved it, so in between everything else I’ve been making pieces and offering them in my shop.
I’m a student and a teacher of yoga certified at the 500hr level but I don’t currently teach any public classes (see all of the above). Instead I rant about Truth and self-inquiry on Instagram because I have no other outlet 😉
Food & farms are important to me. So is art.
My dude, my dog and I are on the hunt for some property to put down roots. I’ve been on the road a lot for the last three years and I’m ready to grow my own garden.
Oh, and I’m the one taking the photos even when I’m in the photo!

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