What No One Tells You About Building a Dream

Let’s talk about the reality of making your dreams come true (see my last post).

Everybody loves the story of the overnight success.

But for every overnight success there are a hundred thousand stories of people who worked like hell, doubted themselves, messed up, tried again, wanted to quit, and kept on going. Day after day. For years.

Dreams don’t get built on hopes. Dreams require action. Uncomfortable action. Daily. Over and over and over until the dreams are real.

Building my marketing business these last few months has been the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever done.

I’m learning about sales, valuing my expertise, and putting myself out there in a way that I’d rather not. I have worked a lot of evenings and Saturdays. I have doubted myself and the process more than once. I have wanted to stop.

But I didn’t. And I won’t. Because my dreams are on the other side of figuring this out, and I am figuring it out.

Where two months ago the path was murky as hell, it isn’t anymore. What felt impossible 60 days ago now feels very, very real, and that’s because I’ve decided the future I want is worth it.

The life of your dreams will hurt sometimes
It will be uncomfortable
You will want to stop
You will hate certain aspects of it
Which is why your vision has to be clearer and stronger than the doubt.

On the other side is the person you’re supposed to be.

An Extraordinary Future of My Own Imagination

I am hellbent on creating an extraordinary future of my own imagination.

Financial success & creative fulfillment. Business & art. Farming. Family.

I don’t dream anymore about what could be possible.

Instead, every day I create the future that I know with absolutely faith I can achieve, even when it feels huge and daunting and wild.

Too many people get stuck because they automatically assume what they want can’t be had.

“I can’t be an artist and have financial freedom. I can’t farm and make a good living. I can’t be a business person & keep my soul.”

Faith comes first. Action follows. Commitment is critical.

The reason I will succeed is that I believe first and foremost that I can.

So I will.

(I took this photo standing at the edge of the farm with a jar full of leftovers after making bouquets, approaching the end of my second 5-figure month with my branding & marketing business, 5 months pregnant. Full in faith.)

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