Personal Ethic

I’ve discovered something important about living well that too many people in today’s hyper-opinionated culture ignore or disrespect.

It’s this…

Have a strong personal ethic. Believe in something fiercely. Have a moral code, live by it, protect it, let it guide you.

Find something so important, so personally motivating, so inspiring and beautiful that you can move in the world without needing anyone else’s consent or advice.

And then keep it to yourself. Force it on no one. I’m so tired of disagreements online that are actually moral, self-righteous shaming.

Yes, share what you believe in, feel free to share it, but never assume it to be the best or only right way. Always be ready to be wrong.

Life with no personal ethic is cynical, dismissive, and chaotic.

Life with an inflexible personal ethic is shaming, aggressive, and narrow-minded.

I’m trying to walk in between.

Care to join?

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