Self Trust > Social Media

This is a friendly reminder that too much time on the internet can and will dilute your self-trust.

My business is digital marketing. I love these platforms and know firsthand that they can do incredible things for your life if you use them well.

I also know firsthand, as a sensitive person who cares about the stories and perspectives of others, that when I spend unfocused time on social media I fall out of touch with my inner compass. I get distracted and concerned by what everyone is doing, thinking, and saying.

Scrolling happens fast. Our brains weren’t made to process so much information and opinion in a short time. Whether you recognize it or not, your mind is working hard to process the stimuli. Too much info becomes unease, anxiety, and crankiness. Ask me how I know 🙃

If your business relies on social, spend more time sharing than you do scrolling. By all means engage with your people, look for ways to expand your network, and get to know your community.

But outside of business time, be cautious. Catch yourself scrolling if you can, and consider reading a book or calling a friend or tidying the house or doing really anything else 😉 Protect your sense of inner direction—it’s the most important asset you have.

A note for myself and maybe you, too, as always.

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