Heroes & Idols

The people you admire are reflecting an important piece of yourself back at you. You will fall in love with them, not realizing it’s your Self that you’re looking for.

My friend, a woman I’ve admired since the day I met her, got married this weekend.

I’ve been thinking about the ways she has showed me who to be. Not in a proscriptive way, but just by her living.

She helped me become the next version of myself. Showed me how I might want to move in the world. And then loved me while I grew into that person.

Notice who you admire. Ask yourself what about them you’d like to be, too, and then strive to be that. Luckier for you if they are also a friend.

Bumpdate: April 16

Took a break from squatting over the lisianthus rows to take some photographs of the pigs on new pasture. Found a mule deer antler. Thought I’d commemorate my 5-month bump. Growing growing!

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