Take Your Time to Bloom

The flowers don’t start in bloom, and neither will you.

These are lisianthus. They are slow to grow and require extra attention.

We get them as tiny plugs from the nursery, then “pot them up” into larger trays so their roots can get a good foundation before they ever go in the ground, where it will still be weeks to months before they bloom.

I am the same; you are the same.

Internet culture led me to believe I “should have” found financial success as an entrepreneur in my 20s. But you know what? My roots weren’t ready then. (As I head towards 30 I realize how really unusual 20-something-success-stories are, and for good reason.)

So, some words for myself and maybe you, too: Pot yourself up. Give your roots plenty of time to find their footing.

When you’re ready to face the rain and the wind, you will, but you’ll only survive if you’ve given yourself the time and the space to grow up right first.

The flowers are never in a rush. And I’ll take that lesson as many times as I can get it!

How to Get Over Indecision: Part 2

This quote has been doing me so good lately:

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.”
—Nelson Mandela

Here are some good questions I’ve been leaning on in the decision making process:
Am I making this choice because it feels safe?
Am I making this choice to avoid something?
Does this choice believe in me?
Am I making this choice because of what’s possible if and when it goes right?

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